Mother Of The Bride and Groom Accessories

Accessories for the Mother of the Bride and Groom

The Mother of the Bride plays a very significant role in a modern-day wedding. They may assist in the planning and organizing of the wedding, make a speech in behalf of the bride and groom, or be appointed to walk their daughter down the aisle during the ceremony. Regardless of how involved you are in the wedding, you will surely want to look your best on such a special day. While your dress may be the main focus of your attire at the wedding, you will also want to select a few accessories that will enhance your overall ensemble. Use these tips for properly accessorizing the Mother of the Bride.

Mismatch Your Jewellery

Matching necklaces and earrings is very outdated. Maintain a modern feel by mismatching your jewellery. If you decide to wear a large necklace, pair them with a subtle, small pair of earrings or studs. A bare neck can also look beautiful and sexy without revealing too much when worn with a pair of chandelier earrings.

Choose a Clutch

Clutch bags are highly trendy at the moment and pair well with Mother of the Bride dresses. Have fun with your bag and shoes, as they don’t necessarily need to match to maintain a traditional wedding feel. Clutch bags can be found in a wide variety of elegant styles, from gold textured fabrics to silver sequins. Select one that best flatters your dress and other accessories.

Mix and Match Bracelets

When selecting bracelets to wear with your Mother of the Bride dress, mix and match accessories. Chunky bracelets and big cuffs are defiantly in right now. Opt for very decorative bracelets that add a hint of glamour to your ensemble; however, don’t throw on every piece of jewelry you own. If you’re decided to wear a big cuff, don’t also wear an over-sized cocktail ring.

Ideal Shoe Styles

Besides the Mother of the Bride dress, the next biggest mission is to select a pair of shoes that pair well with the dress. Skip square-toed or boxy shoes, as these clunky styles do nothing to elongate your legs. Comfort should be one of the main factors, as you will be spending a great deal of time walking in your shoes. Colour is the next thing that comes to mind, and your main instinct may be to match your shoes to your dress color. Modern times portray a contrasting color as best suited to match your gown. Also consider the location and season, as issues like sand and snow can cause mishaps.

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