Mother Of The Bride and Groom Boleros & Shrugs

Shrugs & Boleros for the Mother of the Bride and Groom

Once you have chosen your fantastic Mother Of The Bride Outfits or Wedding Outfits, you may want to add some exquisite finishing touches. The perfect accompaniment to any outfits is either a bolero, shrug or coverup.

A bolero jacket is essentially a cropped lightweight jacket or cardigan. Much like a shrug, which is a fantastic decorative garment, but which also has practicality as well.

We have selected some of the best Boleros and Shrugs around in a wide choice of colours, giving you the ultimate choice in matching to your wedding outfit. But why should you choose a bolero or a shrug, here are the reasons why they are a must have:

Even summer weddings can get rather chilly later in the evening, being able to coverup with a bolero or shrug, will keep the chill away.

If you are uncomfortable with having your arms exposed, a bolero or shrug will act as an attractive coverup, which will give you the confidence to take on the day.

Many of the most alluring Mother Of The Bride Outfits or Dresses tend to focus on one colour, using a bolero or a shrug will give your wedding outfit contrast, and add a level of extra detail.

Alternatively, if you have quite a busy wedding outfit or dress a plainer styled Bolero or Shrug will calm your look down.

Bolero's and Shrugs, are flexible! It only takes a second to take it off or put it on. Don't underestimate having the flexibility to dress up and down on the wedding day. Soft fabric boleros are especially good, at being able to be take off and carried if the need arises.

Small, handy, affordable with the ability to glam up or dress down any outfit, Boleros and Shrugs are truly the most versatile part of any Mother Of The Bride or Grooms wardrobe.

The 5 most popular styles of bolero and shrug from are:

Black Bolero, Silver Bolero, Purple Bolero, Faux Fur Bolero, Lace Bolero

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