Mother Of The Bride Hats

Stylish hats for the Mother of the Bride

The Hat, the crowning glory of your Mother Of The Bride Outfit. The hat choice for the mother of the bride is not straight forward, just choosing a hat in the matching colour will not work. You will need to take into account the shape of the your face, skin tone and your figure.

  • Wide Brimmed hats should contrast with your outfit, go with bold colours
  • Always try on your hat with your mother of the bride outfit, your hat should be in context of your whole look.
  • Because a hat is worn so closely to your face it is important that the colour of the hat flatters your skin tone as well.
  • If you have pale skin, a warm colour such as pink or rust is a good choice. Darker skin is easier to choose for, although if it is very dark, black is best avoided.
  • Wear your hat around the house. Get accustomed to how it feels on your head so it doesn't feel unusual on the day of the wedding.
  • Avoid hat hair; take your hat to the hairdressers in advance of the wedding so you can discuss a hair style which will suit.
  • Petite mother of thr brides should avoid hats with a down turned brim. An upturned brim will help draw the eye upwards and help you look a little taller.
  • Tall mother of the brides should focus on hats with turned down brims and lots of decoration.
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