Mother Of The Bride Petite

Petite Outfits for the Mother of the Bride

We have sourced some of the best online ranges, of Petite Mother Of The Bride Outfits in the UK. Petite in the UK is 5'3".

Top Tips For Petite Mother Of The Brides

  • Wear one colour from head to toe, this will give the appearance of height by elongating your body.
  • Don’t split the body in half with jackets and skirts in different shades.
  • Choose V-Shaped and U-Shaped Necklines to Jackets and Dresses, again giving the illusion of height.
  • Choose a fascinator or smaller brimmed hat
  • Choosing the right pair of co-ordinating shoes with a heel will give you height and flatter also.
  • Find fitted or semi fitted outfits. Try to stay away from outfits that are too frilly , they could make you look heavier.
  • Knee length dresses will give the effect of longer legs. If the length is too long your legs will appear shorter.
  • Vertical lines or seams on garments can give the appearance of length.
  • Dont accessorise with huge handbags, select clutch bags or medium sized handbags.

Here Are Our Favourite Petite Mother Of The Bride Outfits