Mother Of The Bride and Wedding Outfits at Planet

Find Mother Of The Bride and Wedding Outfits at Planet

Planet is a woman’s only clothing retailer with both an online presence and retail operations in the United Kingdom. They specialise in wear for anyone size 8 to 20, which means that you are more likely than not able to find something that complements your look perfectly. Of course today we are going to be looking at the Planet Mother of the Bride Outfits, which trust me, are absolutely fantastic. Let’s dive head first into looking at what types of things are on offer here.

Planet have a special collection for all of those special occasions, whether it is a party or of course, a wedding. Planet Dresses include some really elegant pieces of clothing which are absolutely stunning through to some beautiful silk dresses as well as pieces with a little bit more personality injected into them such as ‘tiger print’, I know it doesn’t sound too mother of the bride orientated but it really does work. If you venture out of their special occasions a little bit and look at the other Planet Dresses that they offer you will once again find a multitude of different products at your disposal. You have beautiful elegant dresses all the way to floral dresses that really have that summer feel. They really will make you look fantastic in those wedding photos and people for many years to come will be complementing on the clothes that you wore on your daughter’s big day. I am a fan of their ‘neck shift’ dresses which really ooze fantastic style, and of course are suitable for occasions long after the wedding has past. Their collections also boast fantastic jackets for use on the big day, they look particularly delightful with a smart pair of trousers, who said that you need to wear a dress as a mother of the bride?

It seems that no wedding nowadays is complete without a lot of fascinators, and Planet boast a fantastic range of Planet Mother of the Bride Fascinators to complement your fantastic outfit. They only offer a few different ones, but they do look incredibly beautiful. If you want to be a little more traditional then of course you have hats to complement your Planet Mother of the Bride Outfits.

You also have a number of bags that are designed to add that finishing touch to your outfit that you create, once again the range isn’t huge but a good deal of selection has gone into making sure that you are provided with only the most fantastic bags possible, that way you can ensure that you look beautiful for your daughter’s massive day.

No outfit is complete without footwear, and the Planet Shoes range does that notion justice. You have beautiful high heeled shoes that compliment your Planet Mother of the Bride outfits well. Once again there is a whole array of colours and I am sure you will be able to find something that complements your personality and the rest of your outfit well.

I suggest heading on over to the Planet website and taking a look through their range. I am sure that you will be able to create your own mother of the bride outfits that look absolutely fantastic for the big day, and for a long time after that.

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