Plus Size Mother Of The Bride and Groom Outfits and Dresses

Flattering Plus Size Wedding Outfits

We have sourced some of the best online ranges, of Plus Size Mother Of The Bride Outfits in the UK.

Top Tips For Plus Size Mother Of The Brides

  • Choose Dark Colours. Dark Colours can have a slimming effect on the Plus Size Mother Of The Bride. Deep rich colours like burgundy, royal purple, royal blue or dark green are weding outfit favourites.
  • Go for outfits and dresses with small patterns, large prints draw to much attention
  • Don’t wear vertical stripes on any part of your body that you’d like to hide
  • Use accessories to draw attention to parts of the body you love the most. Choosing the right Hat can draw attention to your face, long earrings can make your neck appear longer as can long necklaces.
  • Keep your styling simple, forget the frills for now. The fussier your outfit gets, the fuller you look.
  • Don't wear high contrasting combinations of colour. This will break your figure into too many elements and spoil the illusion of leanness.
  • A long length coat can hide lumps and bumps, whilst a structured jacket can give you more of an hourglass look.
  • Wear heels if possible, the extra height will help balance your width.
  • Choose lengthier tops and blouses, this will allow you freedom to move without revealing yourself.
  • Get yourself the correct fitting bra and/or shapewear. Whats happening under your outfit is equally as important.
  • If choosing a skirt, make sure its an a-line skirt. Worn with the right structured jacket it creates a beautiful hourglass look.
  • If wearing trousers, choose wide leg trousers. Really the most flattering style out there.

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