Ian Stuart Mother Of The Bride Outfits and Wedding Outfits

Fabulous designer mother of the bride and wedding outfits from Ian Stuart

Ian Stuart is a fashion designer from London who has always been on the top of his game. He started out in the fashion industry at a very young age and throughout his education won numerous student awards for the garments he had produced. As soon as he graduated through school he went to work for Bellville Sassoon, who are one of London's finest couture houses. They specialise in creating gowns for socialites and more specifically, members of the royal family. This gave Ian Stuart a fantastic start to his career, and was invaluable experience that he gained, as well as the knowledge how how to create the perfect gowns and dresses for special occasions.

He then went on to create bi-annual collections for some of the top clothes manufacturers in London, which gave him even more experience and knowledge in the creation of beautiful clothes. After this, he moved to New York where he wanted to take his career to the next level. He primarily designed wedding gowns under a number of different labels during his time spent in New York, until he moved back to London to create his very own brand. This brand was a tie in between wedding gowns and occasion and evening wear. The dresses and gowns that first belonged to this brand were very successful in the sales department, which spurred him on to create even more, better garments for special people.

Some of the outfits that he creates are for specific occasions, such as the mother of the bride outfits and dresses. These dresses come in all different shapes and sizes, from dresses to fit the smaller, petite woman all the way up to outfits to flatter a woman of the fuller figure. His collections of mother of the bride dresses come under a number of different sections, he has dresses, as well as three piece outfits that include hats, to complete the look.

The mother of the bride dresses and outfits are all beautifully made, using only the finest silks and cottons. The outfits are released on a bi-annular time line, meaning that two different collections are released every year. This ensures that the mother of the bride outfits and dresses are all up to date with fashion and the latest trends.

The brand itself stands for very high class and prestige. The fact that Ian Stuart has designed gowns and dresses for the royal family proves that he knows exactly what he is doing, and knows how to dress even the most important of people. You can be sure that if you wear an Ian Stuart mother of the bride outfit for your daughters wedding that you are going to be looking spectacular and you will feel like you are the most confident and well dressed woman there. Weddings are a very special event so it is imperative to be dressed for the occasion. Sometimes you need to purchase clothes of the highest class to make sure that this is the case. Ian Stuart designs these very clothes.

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