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This website utilises cookie technology, that enables us to track visitors on our sites and there journey thereon. The cookies we use are in conjunction with various affiliate network partners such as Affiliate Window, Webgains, Linkshare and Commission Junction. But these may alter over time and the list is not exhaustive. When clicking on a product or banner advert that you see on our site a cookie is placed on your device which will be recorded by the affiliate network. The length of the cookie can vary from a day to 90 days. If you then make a purchase, in many cases this will mean we receive a monetary commission from the retailer you have bought the product from. This does not alter the price you pay for the product or impact you financially at all. By licking on any product or advertising on the site you implicitly agree to the fact a cookie will be placed on your device and that the information contaned therin can be used for the generation of commission to us. We do not stock any of the products seen on site, we merely present products from our retail partners who in turn have supplied the assets to our affiliate network partners.We hold no responsibility on how the products are described, pictured, priced, stocked or delivered, we merely present the products we have available to promote.We don't have any responsibility for the relationship you then have with the retailer. Any purchase you make is purely with the retailer and should be made on the retailers website. The cookie system is managed by our affiliate network partners.When clicking on a product or a banner, you will then be directed to the retailers site which sells the product you are interested in. You can make your purchase there. We are not a transactional site at all, we do not source stock or contribute to any merchandising issues / decisions.

We enter into no contract with any retailers or any customers, our only contract is only with the affiliate network partners. We would encourage you to read their terms and conditions as well.

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